Credora life sciences has a vast range of Biotechnology services, DNA Sequencing services, Microbial Identification services, 16s and 28s DNA/RNA Sequencing services, Bioinformatics services, , DNA Testing services, Paternity Test services, Forensic Analysis services etc. We undertake a vast range of client specific services as per the requirements and feasibility; we provide Training and customized solutions for research organization, Universities, Pharma, Healthcare, Biotech and Agricultural industries. Our pools of experts have a deep understanding on the various tools and algorithms in bio & chemo-informatics, which help us to provide better solutions. Please contact us with the details.

We have divided our services in the following sections:

Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Services:

The Molecular Biology division is a full-service contract research group specializing in a wide range of genomic services. Our fundamental approach is to provide complete service solutions. Provide us with samples, and we provide you with answers from extraction to final data analysis and report.

Construction of Plasmids

RNA interference (RNAi), a hugely important technological breakthrough in modern biomedical research, is widely used in target identification and validation. The vector-based shRNA approach has become increasingly attractive for researchers utilizing RNAi technology, due to the ease of intracellular delivery and its sustainable expression characteristics. The construction of such shRNA plasmids, however, is a long and laborious process, and involves dealing with multiple vendors including oligo synthesis, DNA sequencing, large-scale and transfection-grade plasmid preparation, etc. Scientists are often additionally faced with challenges in shRNA synthesis, amplification of small hairpin fragments, and sequence verification of the difficult small hairpin region - all of which cause significant project delays or failures. We offer a complete package of shRNA cloning services.

Pathogen Detection

We offer to undertake Assay Development for Pathogen Detection. The Assay Development for Pathogen Detection includes designing, optimization and validation of PCR assays for all different kinds of applications including pathogen detection. With our proven expertise in Assay Development For Pathogen Detection, we ensure that most robust and sensitive assays will be delivered to meet your specific needs.

Site-Directed Mutagenesis

We can increase your research efficiency by performing site-directed mutagenesis, including deletion, insertion, and point mutations. Our specialized services enable you to obtain mutant constructs quickly.

DNA Cloning

Our cloning services are customized to meet your specific needs. Your gene of interest can be obtained by PCR, RT-PCR or restriction digestion and cloned into any vector of your choice.

Genomic Services

16S rRNA sequencing: A common method for identifying bacterial strains is analyzing the sequence of the gene coding for 16S ribosomal RNA (16S rRNA). 16S rRNA sequencing is also a standard tool for bacterial phylogenetic and taxonomic studies.

Credora can sequence the 16S rRNA gene from your bacterial colonies rapidly and effectively. Simply submit your bacteria, and will perform PCR amplification and Sanger DNA sequencing using in-house 16S primers or your custom PCR primers. No bacterial gDNA extraction is required.

Mutation Analysis

Mutations are genetic alterations that are acquired either in germ or non-germ (somatic) cells. They could cause various diseases and might affect the response of a patient to drug treatment. The mutation can be an insertion, deletion, mis-sense or non-sense mutation in the coding or non-coding regions. In some cases, mutation occurs at the intron-exon boundaries and affects the normal splicing of the transcript.

Mutation analysis, mutation screening, exon resequencing, and SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) discovery involve high volumes of PCR amplification and sequencing. This can exhaust an organization's resources or extend the time required to reach key conclusions. We offer flexible, customizable services to meet your specific needs.

SNP Discovery Sequencing

SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) occur every 100 to 300 bases along the human genome and account for about 90% of all genetic variations. SNPs could predispose people to disease or influence their response to a drug.

Yeast Colony Sequencing

Do you need to sequence DNA from yeast colonies for yeast genetics research? We can quickly sequence DNA from yeast colonies supplied on an agar plate. Simply send us your yeast colonies and your sequencing data will be delivered to your online account. No DNA extraction or PCR is required on your part.

Fragment Analysis

Fragment analysis encompasses a wide variety of genotyping, DNA profiling, and mutation detection techniques for medical, environmental, and agricultural research. We provide fast and reliable fragment analysis services to researchers in all of these fields. Our experienced scientific team can perform ready-to-run fragment analysis projects to assist with your research. This service is performed on ABI3730xl's for accurate size calling, consistent band intensities, and low run-to-run migration variations.

Algal and Cyanobacterial Identification Services

Accurate identification of algal and cyanobacterial species or strains that constitute a component of plankton communities are now possible using molecular methods. Using rDNA (18s, 5.8s, and/or ITS regions), Credora can identify algal strains to the level of species, or at a minimum, determine the most closely related species for which there is sequence data available.

Microbiology Services

This division serves a wide range of customers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and water, biotechnology and medical devices industries.

Specializing in microbiology and toxicity testing that meets international regulatory standards including the coveted ISO . Services include Sterility Testing, Determination of Bioburden on Products, Endotoxin Validation and Testing by LAL Method, Antimicrobial Preservation Efficacy Test, Microbial Limit Test, Validation of Sterilization Process. The lab operates a specially designed and engineered facility for the testing of Mycoplasma in cell lines and biotherapeutics.

Bio Informatics Services

DNA Sequencing

We have a long range of contract research services offered, including DNA sequencing. If you are looking for a provider of DNA-based contract research such as DNA sequencing and genotyping and associated services such as small and large scale plasmid DNA extraction from bacteria, then you have come to the right place.

Pharmacogenomics Services

We are engaged in offering Pharmacogenomics Services for various research purposes. The Pharmacogenomics Services are provided with the aid of sophisticated technologies to ensure high precision and deduction of in-depth information. Our Pharmacogenomics Services have Comprehensive Mutation Coverage. So whether you're searching for Somatic or Germ-line mutations, our experience can find the mutations, providing answers to your questions.

Cancer and Cell Biology

Cancer screening, molecular cytogenetic studies and diagnosis are the highlighted parts of our portfolio. These tests present numerous advantages over classical methods such as microbial, serological, and histological techniques. They are cost effective, more accurate and sensitive than the conventional methods. Advances in molecular biology have led to an explosion in genetics. On a daily basis a gene associated with disease is identified. Scientists are laying the foundation for an exciting, advanced concept of predictive and diagnostic medical testing. Molecular diagnosis for various diseases is now used by many physicians to define the health and lifestyle management for their patients. Credora is striving to bring the Molecular diagnosis for the betterment of the people of this region.

DNA Forensics and DNA Testing Services

DNA Profiling

DNA Profiling (also called DNA testing, DNA typing, or genetic fingerprinting) is a technique employed by forensic scientists to assist in the identification of individuals by their respective DNA profiles. DNA profiles are encrypted sets of numbers that reflect a person's DNA makeup, which can also be used as the person's identifier. DNA profiling should not be confused with full genome sequencing. It is used in, for example, parental testing and criminal investigation.

Paternity Test

A paternity test is a DNA analysis that determines biological fatherhood with high accuracy. There are usually two participants: the possible father and the child. The mother can participate too, typically increasing the accuracy of a positive test result from 99.99% to 99.9999 %. A negative result is always 100% certain. The applicant delivers samples of the buccal epithelium of each test participant, together with an application form and proof of payment of the analysis fee.

Forensic DNA Testing Analysis

A wide range of testing services assists law enforcement agencies, private investigators, and legal professionals in finding answers, administering justice, and ensuring a safe, secure environment for everyone. Our forensics team provides a comprehensive range of services including STR, Y-STR, mtDNA and mini-STR casework, and forensic paternity. We also offer case review and consultation services to defense attorneys who may seek a second opinion on cases previously tested by other laboratories.

Predictive Health Analytics

Predictive analytics is an area of data mining that deals with extracting information from data and using it to predict trends and behavior patterns.

Experts use predictive analysis in health care primarily to determine which patients are at risk of developing certain conditions, like diabetes, asthma, heart disease, and other lifetime illnesses. Additionally, sophisticated clinical decision support systems incorporate predictive analytics to support medical decision making at the point of care.

Prenatal Screening

Screening tests during pregnancy gives parents an earliest opportunity for detection of some abnormalities that their unborn baby might have. This allows the parents to plan appropriate care during pregnancy and childbirth, or for the parents to be offered other reproductive choices.

Newborn Screening

Newborn babies are screened even if they look healthy, because some medical conditions cannot be seen by just looking at the baby. Finding these conditions soon after birth can help prevent some serious problems, such as brain damage, organ damage, and even death.

Vitamin D Screening

Vitamin D deficiency is more common than previously believed, especially among adolescents, women, and the elderly. For example, studies have shown that more than 50% of the elderly and an equal proportion of women of any age undergoing treatment for osteoporosis have inadequate levels of vitamin D. While treatment with vitamin supplementation is easy and inexpensive, many affected individuals go undiagnosed and untreated.

Cancer Screening

Cancer screening aims to detect cancer before symptoms appear. This involves screening of cancer using Molecular method. The benefits of screening in terms of cancer prevention, early detection and subsequent treatment must be weighed against any harm.

Pharmaceutical Drug Testing

We are equipped with advanced equipments for testing Pharmaceutical drugs, Ayurvedic drugs, Cosmetics, Food products etc.

Chemical Tests

  1. Identification Tests
  2. Limit Tests
  3. Non-Aqueous Titrations
  4. Nitrate Titration
  5. Sulfated Ash Test
  6. Determination of Water by the Karl Fischer Method
  7. Methoxyl Determination

Physical Tests

  1. Measurement of Mass: Weighing Balance Standards
  2. Determination of Melting Temperature and Melting Range, Congealing Point, Boiling Point
  3. Turbidimetry and Nephelometry
  4. Color of Liquids
  5. pH Value determination
  6. Flame Photometer Tests
  7. Loss Tests

Biological Tests

  1. Bacillus Spores, Enzymes, E. Coli, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus Aureus, Yeasts
  2. Microbial Identification, Total Microbial Count
  3. Sterility, Sterility of Blood

Pharmaceutical Tests

  1. Disintegration Test for Suppositories
  2. Disintegration Test for Tablets and Capsules
  3. Dissolution Test for Solid Oral Dosage Forms
  4. Uniformity of Content for Single-Dose Preparations
  5. Uniformity of Mass for Single-Dose Preparations

Tests for Plant based Materials

  1. Acid Value Test
  2. Ash and Acid In-soluble Ash Test
  3. Determination of Peroxides in Fixed Oils
  4. Iodine Value Test
  5. Saponification Value and Unsaponifiable Matter determination

Food Testing

Meat & Poultry Product Testing

There are high chances of presence of environmental contaminants and veterinary drugs in the meat and poultry products. These can affect the nutritional value of the meat and its products. The test is very important to know if there are any contaminants present in the meat and also to know the nutritional value before using it for consumption. The regulatory bodies check for these reports and instruct the vendors or buyers to check these reports before availing or supplying the product. The pathogen tests are carried out to keep a check on the quality level of meat and poultry products. These tests are usually done for Chicken, Mutton, Sea Food and other poultry.

Test Parameters

  1. Moisture Content
  2. Total Ash
  3. Total Fat
  4. Protein
  5. Phosphates
  6. Total Volatile Base Nitrogen
  7. Trimethyl Amine
  8. Salt Content
  9. Sulphates

Animal Feed Testing

To keep a check on the health of the animals, their feed testing needs to be carried out. This will help in preventing the nutritional disorders in animals. The quality of animal feed decides the overall growth of animals. Animal Feed Testing includes testing of cattle feed, poultry feed, chicken feed and dog feed. These feeds need to get a clearance from the regulatory boards before entering the market. This test will give a complete analysis of the following parameters.

Test Parameters

  1. Moisture Content
  2. Total Ash
  3. Acid Insoluble Ash
  4. Crude Fat
  5. Crude Protein
  6. Crude Fibre
  7. Salt as NaCl
  8. Phosphorus
  9. Calcium

Milk & Dairy Products Testing

The milk and dairy products testing service analyzes the sample of milk and other dairy products for their nutritional content along with any adulteration if present in it. The tests will be conducted as per the standard prescribed by the regulatory bodies. Products such as milk, butter, ghee and paneer will be tested for the following parameters.

Test Parameters

  1. Flavor and Taste
  2. Moisture Content
  3. Ash
  4. Total Solids
  5. Milk Fat
  6. Protein
  7. Fat

Baby Food Products Testing

There are high chances of malnutrition possible in infants at their initial growth periods. To prevent this one should check the nutritional values of the ingredients going into infants foods. These product testing will report the nutritional value and will check if the product clears all the norms of the regulatory boards. The tests will be conducted for the following parameters as per the standards prescribed by the regulatory boards.

Test Parameters

  1. Moisture Content
  2. Milk Protein
  3. Milk Fat
  4. Ash
  5. Acid Insoluble Ash
  6. Fat
  7. Protein
  8. Crude Fibre
  9. Carbohydrates
  10. Energy Value
  11. Calcium
  12. Phosphorus
  13. Sodium
  14. Potassium

Salt Testing

Salts used for various applications can be tested for the following parameters

  1. Moisture Content
  2. Water Insoluble Matter
  3. Acid Insoluble Matter
  4. Matter Soluble in Water (Other than NaCl)
  5. Chloride as NaCl
  6. Calcium
  7. Magnesium
  8. Sulphates
  9. Alkalinity as Na2CO3
  10. Iodine
  11. Potassium Ferro Cyanide

Nutritional Labeling

Nutritional labeling refers to the information on the key ingredients and their volume that go into each product. It is mandatory information that has to be provided by the manufacturer. These labels will also provide information to the consumer weather if the products clear the norms of the regulatory board.

Test Parameters

  1. Moisture Content
  2. Ash
  3. Total Fat
  4. Protein
  5. Crude Fibre
  6. Carbohydrates
  7. Energy Value
  8. Salt as NaCl
  9. Calcium
  10. Phosphorus
  11. Sodium
  12. Potassium

Bakery and Confectionary Testing

Bakery and Confectionary testing for products like breads, biscuits, ice-creams, chocolates, cocoa products and cakes. It will increase the market value of the bakery product. We offer complete analysis report with all the nutrition content and additives present in the product. We also offer nutritional labeling for the products.

Test Parameters

  1. Moisture Content
  2. Total Ash
  3. Acid Insoluble Ash
  4. Total Solids
  5. Energy Value
  6. Protein
  7. Fat
  8. Acidity of Extracted Fat
  9. Carbohydrates
  10. Crude Fibre
  11. Cocoa Solids
  12. Acidity
  13. pH

Water Testing

Water for Processed Food Industry

  1. Coliforms
  2. Standard Plate Count
  3. Proteolytic & Lipolytic Count

Drinking Water

  1. Total Coliforms
  2. E. Coli
  3. Total Plate Count
  4. Fecal Streptococci
  5. Vibrio Cholerae

Packaged Drinking Water

  1. Coliforms
  2. E. Coli
  3. Sulphite Reducing Anaerobes
  4. Faecal Streptococci
  5. Staphylococcus Aureus
  6. Salmonella
  7. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
  8. Aerobic Microbial Count
  9. Yeast and Mould Count
  10. Shigella
  11. Vibrio cholera and Vibrio parahaemolyticus

Packaged Natural Mineral Water

  1. Coliforms
  2. E. Coli
  3. Sulphite Reducing Anaerobes
  4. Faecal Streptococci
  5. Staphylococcus Aureus
  6. Salmonella
  7. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
  8. Aerobic Microbial Count
  9. Yeast and Mould Count
  10. Shigella
  11. Vibrio cholera and Vibrio parahaemolyticus

Water for Manufacturing Ice

  1. Coliforms
  2. Total Plate Count

Water for Swimming Pools

  1. Coliforms
  2. Total Plate Count
  3. E. Coli

Bottled Water

  1. Heterotrophic Plate Count